Cinema4D rendering best practices –

If you have prepared and uploaded your Cinema4D project for rendering you are ready to submit your job. To do so, please navigate to the Render tab on the Dashboard page and follow the steps below. If you would like some more detail the Render tab fields please view our Submitting a job article.

Please see this video on how to consolidate your C4D project files before uploading!

Steps to submit a Cinema4D job for rendering

  1. Enter a job name
  2. Select the project folder containing your c4d file
  3. Select your scene file
  4. Select your version of C4D
  5. Select the renderer your scene file is using
  6. Under the ‘Output Folder’ field, please enter your output folder if you have one. This folder should be at the same level as your c4d file in your project folder. If your output folder was called ‘output’ you would enter ‘output’. If using an output folder, please be sure your C4D render settings also output to that same location. An example would be “output/fileName” to enter in C4D when the ‘output’ folder is at the same level as the scene file.
  7. Under the ‘Output File Prefix Override’ field, please enter the file prefix to override in your C4D output settings
  8. Enter your frame range to render or leave blank to use what is default in the scene file

Once your job has been submitted, please reference details on Monitoring a job & downloading output

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