Submitting a job

Details regarding submitting your job is largely dependent on what software and renderer you are using.

Please refer to the Software Support Guide for specific information on submitting jobs for your software.

Render Tab Field Descriptions

  • Job Name
    • Used to set a name for your job distinguishing against other jobs.
  • Project Folder
    • The project folder containing the scene file and related assets available to render with.
  • Scene File
    • The scene file selected to render.
  • Software
    • If available, this field will allow you to set the software version for the type of project selected.
  • Renderer
    • If available, this field will allow you to set the renderer for the given software type of your scene.
  • Comp Name
    • After Effects specific and used to set the Comp Name to render in your aep file.
  • Use GPU
    • If toggled this will render your job with a machine utilizing a NVIDIA Tesla M60 GPU
  • Frame Range
    • If left blank, frame 0 or the default render setting in your scene will be rendered. If used this can specify what range of frames to render in your scene file.
  • Output Folder
    • The name of a folder at the root of your project folder can be specified here to send output file(s) here.
  • Output File Name Prefix Override
    • This field is used to set the prefix of the output file(s) for your job. Blender requires this and can simply be set as “output” or the job’s name.
  • Output File Name with Extension
    • Generally only used for After Effects, but this is to set the name of the output file as well as it’s file type extension (Ex. fileOutput.mp4)

Once you’ve submitted your job, please continue to Monitoring a job & downloading output

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