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FAQ is a web based render farm that allows you to upload a zip of your project, submit software specific render job details and download your rendered frames.

Additionally, we offer custom support to allow for plugins, fonts, etc.

Please see our documentation page outlining software compatibility:

Please see our documentation page outlining machine usage cost:

Yes, please get in touch with us via and we can explain how our educational discount works!

Our platform auto scales render machines to be most time and cost efficient. Machines are managed on a per job basis depending on how many frames are submitted. 

Please reach out to us at! If your subscription supports Custom Plugin & Texture Support we’ll create a custom machine to your specification.

If you’re monitoring your job and seeing render errors please check the Download tab for the last reported error. If the provided context does not help, please do not hesitate to reach out to

Usage cost updates and can be checked on your My Account page. For greatest accuracy, please allow 1 business day before checking usage cost.

Subscription and usage related costs are billed monthly. More frequent usage related charges may occur if usage cost is excessive.

Should you like to upgrade your subscription, please reach out to Should we unfortunately see you unsubscribe, please look for the ‘Delete Account’ option on the My Account page.

We find that it’s generally in the best interest of both parties to refund for subscription and usage fees when requested. That said, we generally agree with refunding subscription fees and assess usage fees on a case by case basis.

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